The return from sect and cult organisation

The loss of relative person, who has got into the sect or cult organisation, shocks and causes feelings of helplessness. The person suddenly changes interests and values, he also rejects the old social links. It isn't understandable how to react properly to the aggression or boycott against those persons who once has been very close and trustful with him, if they do not accept his new religious position. Some spontaneous actions promote the distance and separation of relatives and increase the sect or cult organization influence. The question is: how to continue living, communicating and interacting with the member of such an organization? Sometimes the sect or cult organisation influence to the peoples' minds is so great that it seems that the process is irreversible.

But it isn't so. The sect and cult organisations use certain psychotechniques to change the consciousness and identity of a person. Today, different methods of counteracting psychological effect from the sect and cult organisations have been developed and tested, but there is no universal method. There are many factors that affect the process of choosing the tools to help. Many factors are considered: what made the person vulnerable to violent exposure, the characteristics of his personality, the social atmosphere in which he was living before joining the sect or cult organization and much more. Therefore, only a comprehensive evaluation of each case allows us to choose the most reliable counter-influence method. There are three types of consultation provided in the project "Antisekt" to help people in the process of freeing themselves from consciousness control in a sect or cult organisation.

Informative consultation

The consultation provides detailed information about the sect or cult organisation that a person has been involved, reveals hidden facts about the history of the organization and the biography of its leader. The specialist provides the possibility of the person's risks.  The analysis has been based on the complex investigation of the case to the member of the concrete organization (possible threats to life, health or property). Also the analysis makes the prediction of the most likely scenarios for the development of the relationship between the sect or a cult organisation with concrete person. It is necessary for developing the strategy for further actions that will be aimed to release relatives from violent exposure.

Psychological consultation

In this project the psychological consultation is not just a conversation with a psychologist, but a purposeful job to release a person from the violent influence of the sect or cult organisation. Unlike classical practice, this type of consultation is provided by relatives of sect or cult organisation member. A person who has been involved in the sect or cult organisation doesn't look for help by himself. The person who is involved in the sect or cult organisation all spheres of his life perceives only through the prism of organisation philosophy. That is because he is in deep social and psychological dependence of the sect or cult organization. The relatives usually go to look for psychological help. Psychologists and relatives together develop the strategy of communication and behavior that is aimed to restore the person's ability to think independently. This work includes several stages: the restoration of the relations with relatives, the awakening of the critical thinking, the formation of willingness to make their own decisions.

ATTENTION! There are only a few psychologists in Russia who work professionally in this area. Many people, who claim themselves to be specialists in bringing people out of the sect and cult organisation, they don't have the appropriate qualifications and education. To check the qualifications of the concrete specialist, check out his education and experience in this area, read his publications. Reviews, especially published on the offering service site, can't be rated as an important criterion for assessing a specialist.

First, real people often do not want to put such personal stories in the public area.

Second, the client comment is one of the professional methods of today's marketing. You have to understand very good the specifics of the activity to separate fictional comments from real cases. You have to be extremely careful about those who promise a quick or guaranteed result. Such promises don't have the scientific justification.

Legal advice

Legal advice provides an assessment of the legality of the organization's activities against to a person that is involved, to person's relatives and society in accordance with applicable law. In the event of irregularities, we provide assistance to write an application to law enforcement agencies and courts.