Professional assistance to victims of sects and cults

Notions of a «sect» and «cult» in the present project

When using here the terms «sect» and «cult», we mean creed- or ideology-based organisations, which commit mental abuse to their members and make them sociopsychologically dependent. Joining such organisations leads to significant changes in personality, revision of one’s value system and breach of existing social connections.Currently, there is no single opinion in the academic community on which terms to use for that phenomenon. From the viewpoint of a scientific discourse, one could look for another, more precise, definitions. However, the aim of this project is NOT to condemn sweepingly all non-traditional groups, religious or non-religious, but to assist specific victims. Also, it is important to us that people in need of such assistance have a quick access to it. Since most people identify such organisations with the terms «sect» and “cult”, we use those terms here.


Our specialists have appropriate education, high qualifications and many years of experience in helping people who suffered through being members of sects and cults. Some have the personal experience of being involved in a sect or a cult. As a result, this experience benefits in a better understanding of the feelings of current and former members of such organisations.

Victor Yolkin

Help in the return of close people from sects and cults

Svetlana Krilova

Psychological rehabilitation of former members of sects and cults

Darya Razorina

Lectures on psychological situations and crises that contribute to getting into a sect or cult, expertise

Oleg Nikiforov

Lectures on the socio-psychological prevention of sects and cults, expertise


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